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Calliope Crossroads

Universal Cranes mobilized a Grove GMK7450 450t All Terrain Crane to site to complete erection works on the Calliope Crossroads Project.

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Golding Contractors Pty Ltd

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Calliope Crossroads

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Grove GMK7450 – 450t All Terrain Crane
MTE 4×8 Jinker and Dolly Transport Configurations
Specialist Lattice Boom Spreader


  • Transport of Beams from Rockhampton to site location outside of Gladstone.
  • Supply of Heavy Rigging Gear.
  • Erection of beams into position across the two structures, comprising of two spans each.


Universal Cranes delivered the beams to site using their specialist beam transport jinkers.

Using the 450t All Terrain Crane, rigged in Mega Wing Lift configuration, Universal Cranes were able to offer a project solution that enabled beams to be unloaded, stockpiled and erected within minimal crane moves and thus ensured efficiency throughout the project.  This ensured both cost and programme efficiencies to the principal contractor, Golding Contractors Pty Ltd.

To meet the requirements of designers, Universal Cranes also engineered a spreader to permit a sling angle of +/- 5o to the beam lifting inserts.  This spreader, a significant component in itself ensured the beams structural integrity was maintained, whilst also creating ease of operation for the crew in the slinging of the beams.  A two fold effect, which eliminated working at height issues in traversing beams, and adoption of smaller / lighter lifting gear that was been handled frequently.

The Calliope Crossroads is located approximately 2km east of Calliope in Central Queensland. The intersection links the Bruce Highway, port and industrial facilities in Gladstone, established agricultural areas of the Callide and Dawson Valleys and the developing Bowen Basin and Surat Basin coalfields. More than 8000 vehicles pass through the intersection each day.

The Australian Government has committed $150 million through the Nation Building Program to upgrade the intersection.

In June 2010 the Department of Transport and Main Roads sought community feedback on a number of Calliope Crossroads intersection upgrade proposals, then in July 2012, Golding Contractors was announced as the successful construction contractor to join the department in delivering the Calliope Crossroads project. Construction began in August 2012 and will take up to two years to complete.

Key Features of the Design Include:

  • A 64m long Bruce Highway bridge over a widened Dawson Highway.
  • On/Off ramps which form an interchange, with extended merging lanes on the Bruce Highway
  • A dedicated loop ramp providing direct access for vehicles travelling from Gladstone onto the northbound Bruce Highway
  • Intersections between the Dawson Highway and the on/off ramps with traffic lights and dedicated turning lanes
  • New and safer private property access with dedicated turning lanes on the Bruce Highway a shared pedestrian and bike path beside the Dawson Highway.

The upgraded intersection has been designed to cater for trucks and very large loads, and will resist a 1-in-100 year flood event. Both safety and travel times will be significantly improved. The speed limit on the Bruce Highway is expected to return to 100km/h when the upgrade is complete.

Key Equipment Utilised:

  • Grove GMK7450 – 450t All Terrain Crane
  • MTE 4×8 Jinker and Dolly Transport Configurations
  • Specialist Lattice Boom Spreader
  • EWP’s