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Universal Cranes used a Demag CC2800-1 crane for the replacement of the GT Silencer at Townsville Power Station during the August-September 2021 outage.

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Heavy lift cranage for the replacement of silencer

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May to September 2021

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Demag CC2800-1 (600t crawler crane)
S406 Modular Spreader Bar: Up to 255t Capacity


  • Lift plans and lift studies development.
  • Transportation planning, scheduling and execution.
  • Mobilisation of our Demag CC2800-1, 600t Crawler Crane.
  • Supply of Operators, Riggers and Heavy Lift Supervisor.
  • Scheduled lifts as directed.
  • Demobilisation of our Demag CC2800-1 600t Crawler Crane.


In June 2021, Universal Cranes was awarded the contract to supply heavy lift cranage for the replacement of the GT Silencer on the aging Gas Turbine at the Townsville Power Station. The plant has a 160MW Siemens Turbine and an 82MW heat recovery steam generator. The replacement Silencer was designed by Baltec IES. The heaviest lift weighed 120t, which was the SilencerLower Transition Assembly.

The work was scheduled during the 2021 Townsville Power Station Outage from August 2021 through to September 2021. After many discussions, preliminary lift plans and numerous meetings with Worley, our client, we were able to put together a program to meet the client’s specific requirements to safely execute the GT Silencer replacement during the tight shutdown timeframe.

The mobilisation off the Demag CC2800-1 to site began end of May 2021.  The assembly position had to be west of the crane pad, due to the length of boom required (76m) and the available site assembly area. 3 floats and 28 semi trailers were required to transport the crane, hardwood mats and rigging to site.  Once assembled, the crane could then be tracked into the correct site position ready to lift.


Access to and from site for mobilisation was very good – minimal underground/overhead services at the crane setup location meant that transport and assembly cranes could move with minimal restrictions around the site.

Live operational facility

The project faced challenges in that preparation works could not be commenced until the turbine was switched off, meaning preparation and execution of the work all had to be completed within the shutdown period. There was preparation fabrication and welding work to be done before the lift could take place, so we had to provide physical space and time in the schedule for this activity to occur prior to the lift.  This was factored into the proposed site layout and additional time allowed for the welding work to take place before the lift but after the shutdown period commenced when the turbine was turned off.

Key Equipment Utilised:

Demag CC2800-1 (600t crawler crane)

  • Configuration: SSL/LSL+SGL_S7
  • 78m main boom
  • Counterweight: 180t
  • Carbody Counterweight: 60t
  • Superlift Tray
  • Superlift Ballast: 206t

Rigging Gear

  • S406 Modular Spreader Bar: Up to 255t Capacity
  • Link Plates: 100t Capacity
  • Round Slings: 100t Capacity
  • Bow Shackles: Up to 120t Capacity
  • Equaliser Plates: 85t Capacity

Video content courtesy of Worley