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Robinson Road Level Crossing Replacement

Brisbane City Council partnered with BMD Constructions and SMEC Australia to form the Geebung Overpass (GO) Alliance to deliver the Robinson Road Open Level Crossing Replacement Project.

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BMD Pty Ltd

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Robinson Road Level Crossing Replacement

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Manitowoc M16000 – 400t Crawler Crane
Manitowoc M12000 – 100t Crawler Crane
MTE 4×8 Jinker and Dolly Transport Configurations


  • Transport of Beams from Enco Precast, Seventeen mile Rocks, to site location Geebung.
  • Supply of Heavy Rigging Gear.
  • Erection of beams into position across span.


The appointment of the alliance in October 2012 followed Council and the Queensland Government’s commitment to jointly fund the $199 million priority project. The project will involve constructing a new road-over-rail overpass connecting Robinson Road East and Robinson Road West.

Universal Cranes were contracted to provide transport and heavy lift crainage on the bridge overpass. This required local site transportation and placement of 18 precast concrete beams to 57 tonne mass.

Using the 400t Crawler Crane, rigged in Max-ER configuration, with 60m of Main boom, Universal Cranes were able to offer a project solution that enabled beams to be unloaded, stockpiled and erected within minimal crane moves and thus ensured efficiency throughout the project. This ensured both cost and program efficiencies to the principal contractor, BMD Pty Ltd.

To meet the requirements of designers, Universal Cranes engineered a spacer beam. The fundamental principle of the beam was to keep the rigging apart and closer to the lifting points when not attached to the load. Once the beam was rigged up, the spacer beam became superfluous as no load was acting upon it. Due to its function, the materials used in its fabrication were kept lightweight, which ensured the overall lifting load was kept down. The spacer beam created ease of operation for the crew in the slinging of the beams, whilst also ensuring that the rigging did not foul the railway overhead power lines upon detachment from the beams. It also eliminated working at height issues in traversing beams, when detaching the rigging equipment.

Key Features of the Design Include:

  • A new four lane roadover rail operpass joining Robinson Road East and Robinson Road west.
  • Intersection layout improvement to provide better access to residential properties.
  • New pedeatrian overpass with lifts and stairs to provide access to the station.
  • Removal of open level crossing and boom gates

Key Equipment Utilised:

  • Manitowoc M16000 – 400t Crawler Crane
  • Manitowoc M12000 – 100t Crawler Crane
  • MTE 4×8 Jinker and Dolly Transport Configurations
  • Specialist Spacer Beam
  • EWP’s