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Air Separation Unit (ASU) Decommissioning Project

Universal Cranes provided technical dual lift to remove air units and additional equipment.

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Xtreme Engineering

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Air Separation Unit (ASU) Decommissioning Project

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October 2021

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Grove GMK 7450
Liebherr LTM 1300/1
Grove RT890E
MAC 25 Franna


  • Demolition and relocation of air units
  • Cut the cold box in half and tail the sections from vertical to horizontal
  • Ensure sections are prepared for transportation to India


The air units were constructed in 2005 by Air Liquide at Rio Tinto’s Alumina Refinery to supply oxygen to the process.

The most challenging task required the use of our 450t Grove to lift the 47m high cold box down in two sections. The team had to cut the cold box in half, the two sections weighed in at 44 tonnes (higher piece) and the lower piece at 60 tonnes. These sections were then tailed from the vertical into the horizontal position with assistance from the 300t Liebherr in preparation for the sections to be transported to their final destination in India.

Lots of spectators came out to watch the milestone moment as the two pieces were lifted down safely.

Key Equipment Utilised: 

  • Grove GMK 7450
  • Liebherr LTM 1300/1
  • Grove RT890E
  • MAC 25 Franna

The aerial photos are courtesy of Gladstone Aerial Media

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