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Heavy Haulage: Transport Coal Ship Loading Arm

Universal Cranes Roma safely moved a 50m Coal Ship Loading Arm from Paget to Hay Point for Melco Engineering and BMA Australia using specialised equipment.

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Melco Engineering and BMA

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Heavy Haulage – Coal Ship loading arm for BMA Hay Point coal load out facility

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August 2021

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  • 4R8 float and dolly at the front
  • 4R8 jinker at the rear
  • Volvo FH16 Prime Mover


  • Transporting a Coal Ship Loading Arm
  • 50m long, 7.3m wide, 6.1m high, weighing 80T. Total length 60m
  • Travel Distance 40km


Load Details:

  • 50m long
  • 7.3m wide
  • 6.1m high
  • weight 80ton
  • Once on Truck / Trailer, total length of 60m

Route Details:

  • Paget Mackay to Hay Point, approx. 40km

Universal Cranes Roma were engaged as a heavy haulage transport partner by Melco Engineering and BMA Australia to move a Coal Ship Loading Arm from Paget to Hay Point. Melco Engineering constructed the new coal ship loading arm in their workshop, located in Paget, a coastal suburb of the North Queensland town Mackay. The 50m long structure is rigid and needed to be transported in one piece to its new home at the BMA Hay Point coal load out facility. With specialist transport equipment, Universal Cranes Roma had the capability and the engineering knowledge and planning to execute this move efficiently and safely from start to finish.

Using one of our larger mobile cranes, we were able to position the loading arm onto two trailers for the most optimal transit method. A 4R8 float and dolly were used at the front, combined with a 4R8 jinker on the rear.

During the 40km trip, there were several tricky stretches that needed to be navigated safely. Some key challenges of the route were:

  • 5 major 90 degree corners to get the load around
  • A tight bridge with only 200mm clearance width wise to get across
  • The load required a high wire escort and needed 12 wires lifted
  • Upon arrival at Hay Point coal load out facility, there was tight access into site where our skilled truck driver had to reverse approximately 1km before jacking up the load to remove it onto onto stands.

By working closely with Melco Engineering and BMA Australia, Universal Cranes engineers, heavy haulage experts and transport team managed to execute this load transportation efficiently, safely, on time and on budget – meeting the client’s expectations.

Key Equipment Utilised:

  • 4R8 float and dolly at the front
  • 4R8 jinker at the rear
  • Volvo FH16 Prime Mover

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