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Celebrating Universal Cranes Brisbane & Smithbridge Group Years of Service

 28 July 2023

Universal Cranes recently celebrated the remarkable achievements of its dedicated staff members who reached significant milestones in 2023. The company took the opportunity to honour and recognise the unwavering commitment of its valued employees on Saturday 8th July at The Story Bridge Hotel.


Among the staff members commemorating their service anniversaries, Jamie Dunning and Philip Underwood were recognised for their remarkable 10 years of service, Johannes (Marcel) Van Der Meij and Trevor Morgan reached their impressive 15 years of service and Robert (Robbie) Glyde reached an extraordinary milestone of 20 years with Universal Cranes.

Universal Cranes takes great pride in its employees and recognises their dedication as the backbone of the company. The celebration of these milestones serves as a testament to the strong company culture and the deep appreciation the organisation holds for its staff members and their families. As Universal Cranes continues to thrive, it does so with a team of committed professionals who are determined to provide exceptional service to their clients.