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Group Managing Director announces changes to Group organisational structure

 01 June 2020


Last week Group Managing Director Albert Smith announced changes to the Smithbridge Group organisational structure, which includes Universal Cranes, Smithbridge Guam and Auckland Cranes.

“These changes are part of the ongoing generational transition of Smithbridge Group,” Albert said.

“These changes to the organisational structure are permanent and part of our overall Group strategy.  They enable me to fill my role as Group Managing Director which gives me the opportunity to have a helicopter view of the whole business across Australia, Guam & New Zealand, and ensures that we are achieving maximum value within the Group

“My position amongst each company within the Group also allows for opportunities to be appropriately targeted and for the substantial resources around the Group to be shared when required.”

Smithbridge Group’s Executive team

The key position changes and organisational adjustments include:

  • Oliver Martin has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Smithbridge Group. Oliver has previously held the role of Chief Operations Officer. His appointment as CEO will see Oliver responsible for all of the controlled business units in the Group, and for the Group contribution to our part owned subsidiary businesses.

  • Shane Young has been appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Smithbridge Group. Shane has previously held the role of Group Financial Controller. Shane is responsible for all group finance reporting, planning and strategy related activities. Shane also manages relationships with key external stakeholders including our financiers and corporate advisers.

  • Mark Happer continues in the role of General Manager of Universal Cranes but now reports directly to Oliver Martin. Mark continues to oversee Universal Cranes’ headquarter operations Brisbane, and branches and satellite depots in Richlands, Roma and Central Queensland.

  • Kevin Ball continues in the role of Group Manager – Safety and Systems. Since joining the Group in early 2019 Kevin has made significant progress on our safety culture, improvements to our safety reporting, and implementation of our group wide Standard Integrated Management System.

  • Dashelle Bailey continues in the Group Manager – Strategy & Growth role which she commenced in October 2019, overseeing business improvement initiatives, business development and marketing, and coordination of our strategic direction and growth. Separate to her role inside the business she also continues her role on the Advisory Board.

  • Albert Smith has been appointed General Manager of Smithbridge Guam Inc, Universal Cranes’ sister company which provides innovative construction solutions in the Micronesian Islands. Albert is currently in Brisbane due to Covid-19 travel restrictions and returns to Guam when he can.

  • Shane Fraser joined the business in 2021, coming from three years as Auckland Branch Manager at sister company Smith Crane and Construction. He is the General Manager of Universal Cranes’ sister company Auckland Cranes as the business continues to transition to become more of a part of the Smithbridge Group.

These changes mark the start of an exciting new chapter for Universal Cranes, parent company Smithbridge Group, and sister companies Smithbridge Guam and Auckland Cranes as we continue to progress on our generational transition and governance journey.