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Grove GMK7450 Gets Its 10 Year Inspection

12 August 2022

Every 10 years, mobile cranes must complete a major inspection to comply with Australian Standards and the Queensland Code of Practice. Our Grove GMK7450 was due for its 10 year inspection at the end of 2021. Ben Smith, Brisbane Branch Manager noted an opportunity to install fall protection during the major inspection. While this fall protection comes with newer models, Universal Cranes is committed to providing the greatest possible safety for crane operating personnel thus it was imperative to include this protection.

Universal Cranes enlisted the services of TRAM Australia to assist in the fall protection development. TRAM Australia is a locally based engineering company which we had used previously to manufacture and install safety systems on our cranes.

Installing Fall Protection

The requirements for the protection system was a handrail system along the hydraulic boom, open side of the main winch and a tether pole next to the base plate where the counterweights are installed.

There were some restrictions from the crane manufacturer that hindered our service; the biggest issue was not being allowed to weld to the boom. We had to find an alternate method of fixing the handrail to the boom.


In-house Mechanical Team

Universal Cranes has an in house Mechanic team lead by Craig Welch the Maintenance Manager. Servicing the 450t was not an easy task with the inspection taking around five months to complete.
A breakdown of the inspection is outlined below:

  • Inspection Full luffing and fixed fly
  • Rebuild Megawing
  • Complete new paint job
  • Re sealed all cylinders
  • Complete strip and rebuild of boom
  • Overhaul of the carrier suspension

Well done to the team on another successful, major service.

The 10-year inspection was completed end of April 2022 with it’s first job, the 6th May, unloading/loading excavators. Check out some pictures below.