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17 December 2021

We are excited to launch our refreshed Universal Cranes logo! Refreshing the Universal Cranes look and feel has come at the right time. Beginning in 1993, Universal Cranes has grown to become a national family crane hire company. The time has come to initiate an ambitious rebranding strategy that is intimately tied to our People & Culture Action Plan 2022 to be rolled out next year.

Our logo has a rich history. It was designed in the early 1990s to represent a crawler crane track. Its length was designed to fit well on a crane boom. The logo has seen many evolutions of our business, from the old McConnell Smith days in New Zealand through to Smithbridge and now to Universal Cranes. But, as time goes and things change, so must our logo. As we transition to a greater online presence and more flexible branding trends, we decided it was time to refresh the logo.

The decision to refresh didn’t come lightly with the rich history of the company and family integration taken into consideration. Dashelle Bailey, Group Manager – Strategy & Growth says, “We looked at the history of our business in Australia, New Zealand and Guam, with over 18 operational years in Australia we worked with our designer on a look that will propel us into the future”. Finalising Universal Cranes’ new look and feel was a fine balance of remaining connected to our history with a nod to the future.

So what did we change? Not much! We have removed the underline to allow for a stacked and long version of the logo. The stacked version will be used predominantly as its better suited to the square spaces online and can be formatted larger. For the crane booms, we will still use the long version.

“It was important that the brand didn’t just represent today but could evolve with the Smithbridge Group” Dashelle says. Our online presence will change straight away but we’ll take our time updating our fleet and other external signage.

We hope you like it!