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Spotlight on Logan Uniting Soccer Club

04 July 2018

Last month Universal Cranes was honoured to help Logan Uniting Church Soccer Club with a lift to support their lighting upgrade project. The Club’s field at Calvary Christian College did not have sufficient lighting, limiting the club’s ability to play games in the evening – a big problem with winter on the way! The Club was able to secure a sporting grant to upgrade and install new lights around the field but required assistance to relocate and stand the light poles. Universal Cranes happily provided crane hire with labour only charge to assist the club in getting the lights set up within budget.

Crane Supervisor Mick Messer oversaw this two-part lift, which required Universal Cranes to relocate and stand the light poles around the soccer field. For the initial lift, the light pole sections were loaded onto a truck with a franna and transferred to their final site at the Calvary Christian College field. The poles were then ready to lift into place. The second lift job involved standing the light poles upright using a 35T city crane, and a man box to adjust the lights to suit the field requirements.

Working in an active school environment provided unique challenges. The lift took most of the day and Universal Cranes needed to be constantly aware of children and parents getting dropped off, picked up and walking around during the day

“We attracted quite an audience throughout the day at Calvary College, with many students spending their morning tea and lunch break watchfully observing the activity on the soccer field,” Mick said.

Universal Cranes returned to the site one last time to work with the electrician to get the lights fully operational. To achieve this, Universal Cranes used a Terex 25T Franna, tilt tray and a 35T Demag AC35 city crane.

The project was a fantastic opportunity to support the Logan Uniting Church Soccer Club to expand the capacity of their facilities further and get more kids and adults alike active in team sports. We look forward to spectating many nail-biting matches at the field.