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Universal Cranes Stands Strong in the Fight for Men’s Health: A Recap of Movember 2022

The Brisbane Team

Movember, the annual event dedicated to raising awareness and funds for men’s health, has taken place once again in 2022. As a company dedicated to ensuring the mental and physical wellbeing of our employees, Universal Cranes has always been in support of this noble cause. In 2022, Universal Cranes was proud to have supported the Movember community, which aimed to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. With the teams help, the total amount raised for Movember was a huge success.

On top of Universal Cranes’ $2,000 contribution, the Brisbane Move group (a consortium comprising ACCIONA and Arup) raised a total of $25,926 for their efforts. 

The Roma Team

Universal Cranes’ team of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas rallied together to raise funds and create a conversation around men’s health. With the help of their friends, family, and colleagues, they made a significant impact in the fight against men’s health issues, raising a total of $2,405 in 2022. Universal Cranes’ Sarah Bauer dedicated her Movember to walking 60kms for the 60 men lost to suicide every hour across the world. Her efforts helped raise $695 towards the cause.

Join Us This Movember

It was not just about the moustaches, but about the conversations and actions taken to improve the lives of men everywhere. Universal Cranes was committed to creating a better future for men’s health and well-being, and they hoped to inspire others to join them in this effort.

Together, they made a difference and changed the face of men’s health. If you’d like to support Universal Cranes , you can visit their team page to donate.

They showed their support for the men in their lives and created a brighter future for all.